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Owner – Josh Hejl Photography 2011 – current
My personal photography business has led me to create a variety of images including studio, commercial and lifestyle work for large and small companies. In 2015 I moved home to Alaska and transitioned this business to include my wedding photography.

Partner – Minaret Photography (portrait & Wedding) 2010 – 2014
Co-owner of a wedding and portrait photography company. Photographed 100+ weddings from Alaska to San Diego, in every lighting and weather condition imaginable.  This furthered my ability to work in all circumstances creating stunning images on the fly. Please see or my wedding portfolio for examples.

Office/Photography manager – Nevada School and Sport Photography 2004-2011
During this time I accrued practical experience and knowledge on how to successfully execute a variety of photo shoots from 500 person football leagues in stadiums to ballet portraits in a studio. I worked inside and out using both simple and complex lighting setups. For examples please see I also learned how to run a business in an efficient manner while providing excellent customer service.


University of Nevada, Reno, Bachelor of Fine Arts Journalism, Minor Spanish Language.
Continuing education in photography at and

Having worked in a variety of photographic settings I have developed a variety of techniques and disciplines including; studio still-life and portraiture, action and sports, outdoor portraits with natural and complimentary lighting as well as macro and architectural skills. One of the hardest part of wedding and portrait photography is organizing large groups, my work with Nevada School and Sport Photography has given me the ability to confidently organize large groups in a timely manner.
Another of my most advantageous skills as a photographer is my ability get myself in strange places, i.e. climbing a tree, laying in the snow or getting in the water. I do whatever I can to get the great shot!

Scott Westover – owner, Nevada School and Sport Photography 775-852-0784

Kristyn Lingenfelter – former marketing specialist, Drinkwell SBU 775-745-9123

Justin Paidakovich – portrait client 775-771-2362

Kelly Banks – wedding client 775-813-3510


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